Before & After: Dresser/Changing Table on Design*Sponge

We love this before and after project. Over the years we had a few similar dressers that we originally found in thrift stores or on a street. Even though they were originally bought or acquired with the idea of remodeling them, we always ended up giving them away before we had a chance to work on them. Seeing these great results that Brian ended up with is very inspiring.

Design Sponge reader, Brian, has been working on getting a nursery ready for his son. With the idea of trying to reuse things that he already owns, this old dresser was brought back to life as a modern dresser/changing table.

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The dresser was first sanded down to the bare wood. The old door knobs were removed and Brian filled and smoothed the holes. Going for a modern look, he cut custom handles and sanded them as well. He painted the interior a bright green and the outside turquoise blue. The dresser looks like new and what a great remodel of an old piece of furniture.

Photos: Design Sponge