Before and After: Swanygirl74's Chair Re-do

Before and After: Swanygirl74's Chair Re-do

Janel Laban
May 29, 2008

One of our favorite things to find in our inbox is a reader project, especially one that turns out as well as this one. Jump below for the "after" from Swanygirl:

Dear AT,

A couple of weeks ago I found myself going to thrift stores in search of old, retro lamps to update and re-shade if needed. Instead, I stumbled across this chair which I ended up purchasing for the low, low price of $10.

The fabric on the seat cushion is something I have had in my possession for about a year now, and have been dying to find a 'project' to use it on. Then along came that chair and I knew....a match made in heaven! All I needed was the paint.

The pictures enclosed are of the beautiful, if I do say so myself, transformation that the chair took. It went from Beast to Beauty! The Beast, being the brown, bland, 'Before' version of the chair and The Beauty, being the black with retro fabric, 'After' version.

I'm very excited about it, was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and wanted to share my chair re-do with you!


swanygirl74 (AT screen name)

Amazing transformation - Thanks to Swanygirl74 for sharing!

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