Before and After: Marla's Mid-Century Sofa and Chair Set

after (jump below for more pics)
AT:SF reader Marla wrote us to recommend an upholsterer: I recently purchased a mid-century sofa and chair set for $100 and then had it upholstered by a wonderful man in Sacramento...

...He drove to Fairfield, picked up the furniture, and redelivered it, all within a couple of weeks for a very reasonable price and now I have two pieces to die for! I was amazed at the speed and beauty of his work. The set is redone in a retro microfiber (patterned) and a faux leather.



fabric close-up

Here is the pertinent information:
• Bill Clausen
B & T Upholstery & Repairs
• 1600B Kitchner Road
• Sacramento CA 95822
• Shop: 916.392.1959
• Cell: 916.995.7177
• bandt2001(at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks, Marla!

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