Before and After: Meredith's Black Living Room

Before and After: Meredith's Black Living Room

Nov 21, 2008

AT:SF reader Meredith sent in photos of her living room. She writes, These are photos of my before (white walls) and after with black paint, which looks amazing even in a small space. I found that it actually made the room feel larger because the ceilings are high and now your eyes are draw up to the white molding and ceiling...

...I silkscreened the square photo on the wall. The map on the wall has no country names and I put small hot pink dots on all the countries I have been to for a cool art piece.

The left side of the room has chocolate linen on the wall that I stapled up. I stapled in chocolate burlap in the bookshelf to give a rich feeling and some depth.


The closet space has an accessory wall that was made from the back of the bookshelf jutting into my closet. I first put in 100s of nails before realizing fabric would make it look richer. So I decided on burlap, as I could push the nail tacks through without removing them. On the before photo the top right photo is a collage of SF business cards - places I have eaten at or shopped at - which I made into a circular design to mimic the sputnik light fixture.

Thanks, Meredith!

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