Flickr Finds: Moni-ka's Table and Chair Makeover

The Cure is coming to a close, but we're still seeing a ton of great photos popping up in our Flickr group. This table and chair makeover project comes from moni-ka in ky, aka merskine. We've shown merskine's home in our Cure posts, but we wanted to highlight this living room set that she created from a craigslist find and a rescued table...

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Moni-ka already had one chair she'd made over previously. The companion was found later on craigslist. Although the upholstery fabrics are different shades, they both work with the living room rug.

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To paint the frame but keep the upholstery intact, she protected the edges of the cushions with painter's tape.

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The table was a freebie from the street. She shortened the legs and painted the base white. By reusing and updating old items, she created an entire living room set that works perfectly with her current color scheme.

Great job, Moni-ka!