Before & After: Michelle's Industrial Jewelry Chest

Before & After: Michelle's Industrial Jewelry Chest

Carolyn Purnell
Feb 26, 2013

When Michelle found these old tool chests at a fairground in Norman, Oklahoma, she immediately envisioned a way to restore them to their former glory and put them to good use. With a great deal of work and some serious elbow grease, they became what she calls her "keeper of treasures."

For some interiors the rustic industrial look might have worked, but the edges were sharp, the piece was covered in grime, and rust had overtaken the original finish. By refinishing the piece Michelle hoped not only to make the exterior more suitable for her decor but also to restore the smooth functionality of the piece.

With some sanding, a coat of primer, three coats of paint, and some added felt drawer liners, Michelle was left with a fashionable piece of furniture that could safely house all of her most precious pieces. She reports, "I filled all but a couple drawers, so I have room to grow... Now I just need to memorize where I put everything!"

(Images: Michelle Tisdale)

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