(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)

Renovation Project from: Mike
Location: Chicago, IL

We recently completed our master bathroom renovation which was the last room to get any TLC in our Chicago condo. We've been in the space for 4 years and have updated every other room in the house, it was finally time to do the same for our master bathroom.

(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)


Key issues to solve:

Water damage in the shower due to a shoddy 80's rehab.
Cheap fixtures (vanity, faucet, lighting, door etc.)
Muddy paint color
Condensation in the skylight every time we showered

(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)

In Progress

The good news is that the layout of the bathroom plumbing and electric was functional so we were able to keep to a rather tight $8,000 budget and still come out with some really nice finishes. We did the design ourselves and sourced most of the fixtures online or from local retailers. From demo to completion the project took three weeks to complete but we were able to get out of town on vacation for a few days in between.

(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)
(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)
(Image credit: Submitted by Mike)

Decorative Details

The main goal of the project was to solve the issues outlined above, from a design standpoint we wanted to coordinate the master bath with the master bedroom which was achieved through simple color selection and clean, bright, modern feel.

Thanks, Mike!

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