Before & After: Shifrah's Medicine Cabinet Weekend Project

Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

Yesterday we left off with this newly emptied and wiped down medicine cabinet. Once the space you're working on is cleared out, it's time to deal with the stuff.

I washed each item that had been in the medicine cabinet. Some things needed a vinegar scrub with a cotton swab. After setting them out to dry, I began taking out things that weren't part of my evening or morning routines or that were duplicates.

I only returned those things to the medicine cabinet, for a final result that is pristine and edited down to only what I truly need in this "prime real estate" of the bathroom.

In case you missed it earlier: A major part of decluttering a medicine cabinet, if you keep your medicine there, is disposing of unused or expired medication. This is very important for both health and safety reasons. For guidelines, see How to Dispose of Unused Medicines.

Take quick photos of either your "before" medicine cabinet or your amazingly clean, organized "after" result. Post and tag on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr with #atweekendproject. We'll be looking for you!

(Image credits: Shifrah Combiths)