Before & After: Kid's Art Easel

My Sister's Suitcase

My kids' art easel is one of those things I could trash instantly when my kids are done using it. It's covered in doodles and smudged with so much paint that it's an eye sore. Then when they actually use it, I'm the happiest person on Earth, watching them create their soon-to-be-sold-by-Sotheby's works of art.

That's why I love this tutorial at My Sister's Suitcase. It's fun, accessible, and ends up pretty, and ready for all that explosive creativity.

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The choice of colors is fun and flashy, the black chalkboard is definitely so much better than sad green, but mostly for me it's the frame that takes the cake! Granted you have to have some basic sewing skills, but it doesn't seem that complicated.

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