Being Inspired by Custom Furniture


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We were sent some photos of a bed made by Michael Yates, the local Austin craftsman who creates gorgeous, handmade and Japanese-inspired furniture. His latest creation (along with an old favorite) was recently featured prominently in a house on Austin's 2009 Parade of Homes. We were struck by this piece's natural beauty, and think you will be too...

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The house itself was designed by famed local architect Michael Hsu, and the home's decor furnished by the hip local furniture store Threshold. Yates' pieces fit right in with the styles of both Hsu and Threshold.
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The bed, which features stunning curves and natural woods, looks unlike any design we've seen. Our old favorite the Kyoto console cabinet is a perfect match with its surprising details and intricate joinery techniques.

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Though there's no doubt about it—we love a great deal on furnishings for the home. Designs like these, though, remind us of the spectacular detail and worth of a custom created piece of furniture. For more information about these pieces and those involved, visit the websites of Michael Yates, Threshold and Michael Hsu.

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Do you have any furniture that was custom made for your space, either by you or someone else? Did you have to consider custom furniture because of a design need, or desire? Tell us about it!

(Image: Bird in the Hand Pictures)

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