Bella's Comforter Set

Bella's Comforter Set

Alejandra Valera
Jul 13, 2009

Is your teen or 'tween completely into Twilight? Have they read and re-read all of the books (We have to admit, we've read the books too.) and one thing that would make them be over the moon would be a comforter set just like Bella Swan's?

We've recently seen Bella's comforter on eBay for over $400, but we've found a couple collections that are pretty close to the real thing.

Twilight Brown Bedding Collection, $29.99 - $137.99
Blissliving Home Amanda Purple Duvet Collection, $65.00 - $450.00
Modern Home Flocked Leaf Comforter Set, $79.
• Last image, Bella's bedding from the movie.

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