Adorn your floor with Floor Stencils

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Beneath your feet. A friend sold her house last year and the hardest thing to leave behind was the kitchen floor which she had so beautifully hand-stencilled. Stencilling is a great way to adorn your floors. You can go big or keep it small and detailed.

The photo above is from Domino magazine where you can also find a detailed floor stencilling "how to".

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Paint by numbers in your nursery (found here along with tips and instructions for giving your floor a facelift.)

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This floor stencil is so striking that, for the first time, our eye didn't immediately gravitate toward the Eames rocker (see more at the Stencil Gallery).

Other AT sites have some great stencil resources for you to check out:
Stencil the floor (ATLA).
Good Questions: Modern Stencil Resources? (ATNY).
The Stencil Library (ATSF).

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