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Benjamin sent us in the pics and info on his renter-friendly fridge update. It's a completely temporary fix that dresses things up nicely and can come with you when you move. Jump below to read about how he pulled off this look...

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Benjamin writes:

I needed a fun and unique way to dress up my renters fridge without breaking my contract. I decided to create a complex pattern on my fridge using magnets.

The Materials I used were 4 sheets of magnetic photo paper that can be purchased at an office supply store for $10. I used the graphics program Adobe Illustrator CS4 to make the design but other programs like Inkscape (free) can work just as well or use your own bare hands. And a trusty X-acto knife. 

I went to work on figuring how much area of the fridge I could cover in four sheets. Turns out I could get 5 fleur de lis per page, I added a diamond shape to reduce waste and help the environment.

The magnetic paper cuts easily but trying to get in the corners was hard even with a X-acto. It took several hours of cutting distributed over the course of a few evenings. But the end result is a lot of fun. There is a lot of potential of what you can do with it, re-arranging the pattern, create a counter or a calendar...

Thanks, Benjamin!

(Images: Benjamin Horak )

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