On Green Design (Circa 1975)

On Green Design (Circa 1975)

Sarah Coffey
Sep 28, 2007

Skimming a 1975 edition of Inside Today's Home, we spotted this passage which struck us as both ahead of its time and a reminder that the green movement wasn't born yesterday: A chair is a chair, but it is also a former tree or hide or chunk of metal or collection of chemicals. When it has ceased to function as a chair, it must go somewhere - up in smoke, into some other product, or simply to the top of an ever-more immense pile at the dump... Intelligent design takes into account the entire spectrum - the source of materials, the shaping of materials, and the return of materials to the environment.

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- Ray and Sarah Faulkner

Image: 1951 Barstool by Emeco, LEED compliant, $380 at DWR

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