Best 5 Household Uses For Vaseline

Best 5 Household Uses For Vaseline

Gregory Han
Feb 11, 2008

Vaseline has been around since 1870, after chemist Robert Cheseborough developed a refinement process that transformed black "rod wax" discovered by oil rig workers into the lightly green-yellow tinged substance, rebranded into what we now know as common petroleum jelly. Throughout the years people have come up with a myriad of uses for the stuff, including pomade, mustache wax, makeup remover, treating diaper rash or chapped lips, and my mom's favourite application, blocking up a bloody nose. But Vaseline also has many home related are our top 5 uses for the slippery stuff:

Prevent Frozen Locks:
Got an older lock that's not working as well as it used to? Try applying a thin later of Vaseline and inserting it into the lock to lubricate the tumbler.

Remove Watermarks On Wood
This remedy is similar to the one involving mayonnaise. Just apply a layer of petroleum jelly overnight and wipe off. If the damage isn't too bad, the jelly should remove the mark after wiping off.

Lubricate Cabinet and Window Runners
Creaky cabinets or hard to open windows? Lubricate and create a smoother sliding effect that should alleviate your noisy problem.

Protective Moat Around Your Pet Bowl
Ant season is close at hand, and they often find crumbs in or near your pet's bowl. Dab a thin layer of Vaseline around the base of the bowl and the ants won't dare crossing over.

Stop squeaking door hinges
Squeaky doors can be quieted quickly with just a little Vaseline on the hinges. Also protects from further corrosion.

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