Best Animal Heads: Faux, Real & Skulls Unlimited

Maxwell's Daily Find 04.20.15

Okay, here's a totally other way to cover your walls. Whether you go faux or real, this list is for you OR for you to argue over.

From designer, Erich Ginder, this cast resin antler rack is meant to be mounted to the wall as a coat rack - literally becoming a "coat rack." His photos show groups of them lined up on a wall, ready for coats. It's very cool. Want more? Head below...

Pink Unicorn Head with Gold Glitter

• $99.99

The pink unicorn head above is stunning version of the real thing (:)) made out of resin, while the goat skull below is a real one from Skulls Unlimited, which was started in 1986 by Jay Villamarette, who built it into an international business with his wife, Kim. The world's leading supplier of osteological specimens, these folks have a museum and supply schools and the scientific community. They sell real and faux specimens, but the small goat skull above is all real.

An "A" graded goat skull with large 13.8" horns, "feral goat populations can be very destructive to the natural environment and will often out compete native herbivores species for food. Both male and female goats grow horns, but the males are often much larger." Interested in a venemous snake skeleton? They have those too...

Hunting lodge chic. Cruelty free and easy to assemble, these animal heads were designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez of Cardboard Design. At Uncommon Goods.

From Near & Deer, started by Rick and Lindsay in Stewartstown, PA, this antler rack is made out of poly hardened resin. She's a big animal lover and he grew up a hunter; together they now sell a huge line of faux taxidermy.

Large and beautifully hand-carved one piece at a time from solid basswood, Roost also sells deer and stag heads that are much more affordable .

Handmade in Haiti, this impala head is made entirely of recycled paper through a collaboration with Caribbean Craft. West Elm also has a number of other paper mache heads that really read as sculptures.

From Gills Prendergast, a Welsh theater prop designer, her Etsy shop sells a whole range of fun, crafty heads.

(Image credits: Erich Ginder; WFT; Skulls Unlimited; Uncommon Goods; Near and Deer; Roost; West Elm; Etsy)