Best Bathrobes

Best Bathrobes

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 11, 2017
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Over the past few years, I have discovered the practicality and the joy of having a really nice bathrobe. It's a quick, warm cover for the early mornings when I make tea and sit for an hour, and it's indispensable after showering when one doesn't need/want/can't/care to get dressed right away.

While a personal choice here is totally in order, I would recommend:
1. That it be soft and supple so you can get it on and off easily (waffle robes I find a little stiff)
2. That it be of a warm, soft fiber for coziness
3. That it be a natural fiber for health and absorbency

With this in mind, here are my top picks for the year.


This is a truly budget-friendly option, but still made from 100% Turkish cotton. Although the woman modeling it does not look particularly happy, Amazon reviewers, notoriously a tough crowd, are big fans. There's also a men's version here.

Starting at $69.95

Okay, this is a picture of me that I took when I first fell in love with this robe at a hotel in New Haven (see the post here). 100% cotton, this is a great, great summer alternative and, while it's marketed to men, it looks great on women too.

If you're a lover of prints, you'll love these robes by the cleverly named Highway Robery, which makes robes in an assortment of patterns, including this 100% cotton 'Duke Silver'.

When I visited Lennon & Maisy in Nashville last summer, I saw this robe at the hotel where I was staying and simply fell in love. Not only is it super soft (they certainly named this product accurately!) it is also lightweight and has a fresh, chic design. Check out this video I made to see why Turkish-T is my new favorite bathrobe, and follow us on Snapchat to get more of my Daily Finds every Tuesday!

This robe comes recommended by Anna, our Director of Creative Services. It has a microfiber outer shell with a terrycloth lining, and comes in 18 different color combinations, including this classic white on white.


Okay, so this has an exterior of microfiber, BUT the inside is 100% terry and I've found that this combination really can sit and wear very well, as well as being really washable over time. This is the brand I experienced when visiting a spa in California a year ago and it worked really well. From Luxury Spa Robes, it comes in twelve different color combinations, and their other styles are worth checking out as well.

Sferra is another excellent source for really soft,quality materials. 100% turkish cotton and a stylish collar, this robe is perfect for recreating relaxing spa vibes at home.

This has got your hipster cool and is straight from a collab between the ACE and W & H. I've talked about this one before, and if you're in the market for something heavier and comfortable, this is a slam dunk.


I recently found this new source, Simple Life Istanbul, which specializes in Turkish fabrics. One particularly nice offering is this bathrobe, made of 100% Turkish cotton. From the site: "Our pure cotton Rice collection is crafted using an advanced weaving process which produces thousands of fine loops, resulting in sumptuously soft and ultra-absorbent towels." It also comes in white and beige.

I love all that Annie Selke does at Pine Cone Hill, and this robe is no exception. It's made from a super soft linen chenille that is the softest approach you can possibly take in a natural fiber.

My #1 luxury pick, the Coyuchi linen terry robe, is currently sold out, but if you're craving a truly luxurious bathrobe, Anichini makes this linen robe with a terry lining. At $315, it's a bit of a splurge, but for coziness and comfort, you can't beat this combo.

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