Bedroom Month: Best Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Month: Best Bedroom Makeover

Laure Joliet
Feb 5, 2008

One of our all time favorite bedroom makeovers was from last year's Fall Cure. Since this is bedroom month, we thought we'd kick it off with a little inspiration. See the before pic and what made this so killer after the jump:

In our minds, the best tools for making a space really wow:

• Symmetry
• Pattern
• Contrast
• Repetition

In the before there are just huge swaths of color without much visual interest. In the after, the headboard has a focus with the painting above it, the lamps, books and nightstands create symmetry and the addition of more colorful and patterned bedding make this bedroom feel like it's straight out of the pages of a shelter mag. The white and espresso colors on the nightstand are perfectly echoed in the white pillows against the headboard and the colors in the painting show up in the pillows. Also, having more pillows makes the bed feel super luxurious.

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