Though spring is taunting us with its 50° midday weather, I still find myself bundling up in the 25° temperature by nightfall! With radiators working at full-force in the evening chill, I’ve been in need a decent carafe at arm’s distance to help me survive the dry air. Check out these ten bedside carafes that will look great on your night stand and surely save you from that midnight stumble to the refrigerator.

Top Row:
1. I’m Boo Carafe, $99 at
2. Eau de Nuit Night Carafe, $19 at West Elm
3. Fia Carafes, $69 from Design House Stockholm
4. Midas Collection Carafes & Glassware, $30-60 via DWR
5. Pill Carafe, $48 by Jonathan Adler
Bottom Row:
6. Room Essentials Carafe, $8.49 at
7. Recycled Bedside Water Carafe, $44 via At West End
8. Night Carafe, $80 DWR
9. Jute Cozy Carafe & Glassware, starting at $348 via Branch Home
10. Thirsty Scottie Decanter, $248 via Anthropologie