Best Big, Bold Graphic Art 2010

French poster from Phillip Williams Posters in Swiss Miss's home via The Big Book

For me, big, bold graphic art that feels ridiculously positive is an evergreen design element. I love seeing homes that go big on the wall with art that makes a joyous statement. So, to help you think about it or to get there yourself, I put together this list of inspiration and sources. Enjoy!

Sources & Shops

Posteritati Movie Posters
Phillip Williams Posters

Sarah Stocking Fine Vintage Posters
The Ross Vintage Poster Gallery
Hatch Show Prints

Enzo Mari Fruit Prints at Nova 68
Keep Calm Gallery

Village (where "For Like Ever" comes from)
Vintage Poster Art International
The Vintage Poster

Go Antiques
The Poster List


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Courtenay & Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours

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Tim Noble and Sue Webster installation Forever (pic: Lisa Kereszi)

Artwork in Adam Lindeman and Amalia Dayan's NYC apartment from NYMag

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Keep Calm Poster in Alyson's Illustrated Home

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Classic Film Poster in Abby's Cozy Boho Pad

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Enzo Mari Print in Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker's kitchen

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