Best Books to Put on your Walls

Best Books to Put on your Walls

Laure Joliet
Mar 11, 2008

We've been thinking about bathrooms with nature inspired wall to wall images ever since we posted about them in January. Since then we've amassed a list of our favorite books to, well, cut apart and paste onto the wall. Our favorite natural and botanical inspired picture books right here:

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities $36.17 used
Art Forms in Nature $8 used
New Flowering: 100 years of botanical art $24.88 used
Redoute's Roses from Taschen $2 used
The Garden at Eichstatt $2.22 used
The Book of Plants $18 used
Art Forms from the Ocean $14.84 used

Now all you need is some wallpaper paste (an ok from your landlord) and a free afternoon.

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