Best Car Parts for Home Décor

Car and Driver

Automobiles aren't such a hot commodity right now, given the struggling economy and efforts turned toward living less car-dependent lifestyles. Seems even Car and Driver is setting their sights on something other than new car news and reviews: car part interior decor!...

In this recent piece, 10 Best Car Parts for Home Décor, Car and Driver takes us through just that. We've featured a few of our favorites here, but follow through to the original article for the full rundown.

1 John Cochener made a desk lamp out of a Ford two-barrel carburetor given to him by his grandfather

2 a Camaro curtain valance Curt Gobbell made for his son's room: a hidden switch turns on the headlights!

3 an oak and C5 Corvette by brothers Mike and Thomas Finney

4 a glass-topped engine coffee table by Keith Burgan

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