Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014

Annual Guide

This is our biggest list ever. Every few years we pull the best bikes and summer rides from around the marketplace and it's time to do it again. Our last list was in 2011, and I've just spent hours trawling through all our old listings and new stores to put together the most complete list yet. Most affordable bikes are at the top and they go right down to the most expensive. Enjoy!

Flying Pigeon Beater Bike is from LA

Republic Plato Dutch Bike is totally customizable from Florida

Civia Twin City Step Through is from Minnesota

Bowery Lane Bones is from Brooklyn, NY

Biria 700C Step Through is from Germany

Public C7I Commuter Bike is from California

Linus Roadster Classic is from California

Tokyo Bike Single Speed is from London

Bobbin Birdie Dip Dye is from London

Simcoe Signature Roadster is from Canada

Paper Bicycle Single Speed is from Scotland

Retrovelo Klassic Klaus is from Germany

Gazelle Toer Populaire Lady is from Holland

Pashley Britannia is from England

Electra Townie Go is an electric assist bike from California

Sweetpea Farmer's Market is from Portland

Vanilla Commuter Bike 2 is from Portland

(Image credits: Republic; Flying Pigeon; Civia Cycles; Bowery Lane; Biria; Public Bikes; Linus; Tokyo Bike; Bobbin Bicycles; Simcoe; Paper Bicycle; Retrovelo; Gazelle; Adeline Adeline; Electra; SweetPea; Vanilla)