Best Green Decorating Ideas

Best of 2009

1 DIY Idea: Blanket Upholstered Ottomans
2 DIY Dyed Rug
3 Green Decor: Hand-Painted Bamboo Blinds
4 Renovation Inspiration: Ideas from Dwell on Design


5 How To: Make Over Bar Stools
6 Green Style: Matthew McGregor-Mentos's Plant Wall
7 How To: Repurpose Old Sweaters Into Chair Covers
8 Ann Wood's Dissected Drape
9 Inspiration: Wood Slice Walkway
10 How To: Decorate With Orange Rind Votives
11 A Tiny House Interior Idea
12 How To: Make Woven Felt Placemats
13 Green Style: Green Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel
14 Kitchen Gallery: Living Plants In The Kitchen
15 Inspiration: Upcycled Headboards
16 DIY Artwork: Frame An Everyday Object
17 5 Ideas To Make Over Your Furniture
18 Flickr Find: Repurposed Drawer Shelving
19 Green Style: Before And After Bedroom Transformation

and of course
20 25 Simple Green Decorating Tips For Your Home