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It's DIY month here at AT and I'm still mired in what to do about the headboard of our bed. I painted a headboard a few months ago, but while that was an improvement, it feels unfinished, and I've been casting around for a next move. In the meantime, I've come across a few really nice sources of inspiration that I'd like to share. The nice thing about headboards is that they are both practical and make a big decorative impact - AND that you really can do them yourself. Enjoy!...

This headboard is made out of fabric swatches sewn together and hung on the wall behind the bed.

>> 14 ways with headboards - This is a great headboard gallery that I found over at Sunset Magazine's website. These three are particular favorites.


This one is an accent wall of ginko wallpaper on a room divider that becomes a headboard.


This headboard picture frame was made with a simple fabric covered piece of wood edged with decorative molding from a home improvement store.



This is a BEAUTIFUL headboard how to from Charissa this month.

>> How To: DIY Tufted Headboard



This is a How To that we wrote a few years ago after building a headboard for one of our clients on HGTV Mission Organization.

>> How To: Build Your Own Headboard



This is a great shabby chic style project that Leah on DC did last month.

>> How To: Transform a Fireplace Mantel into a Headboard



This is actually a project that Jonathan did in which he stained two large plain closet doors, attaching them together with metal brackets.

>> How To: Make a Cheap and Chic Headboard



I love this! Another way of using Ikea elements to make something nicer than the original design. Three Mandal headboards are stacked up the wall here.

>> Mandal Headboard from Ikea: Think Outside the Bedroom



Ah, yes, the old chalkboard trick - a favorite idea of mine from last year. While chalkboards may have jumped the shark, I still think this is a really great, simple option that has an added whimsical effect if you are skilled with chalk.

>> Look! A Chalkboard Turned into a Headboard


One More! This is just a gallery of great inspiration posted by Janel last week.

>> 10 Dramatic Headboards from House Beautiful