Best Folding Chairs 2009 (cheap folding chairs too)

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Clockwise from left: Lina, Fol.d, Air, Acrylic & Olivia Folders

It's that time again. With Small Cool Month coming to a big conclusion this week (and the final four of the Smallest Coolest Home contest this Thursday), I need to list one of the most important space savers on earth: the folding chair. This is an updated list from last year, and I've found a bunch of fresh solutions...

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Lina & Terje

Get The Job Done

>> Beechwood Folders from Target
>> Lina Folding Chair
>> Terje by Ikea

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Fol.d & Air Chair

More Style

>> Skip Chair by Franco Bertoli and Max Pajetta
>> Air Chair by Jasper Morrison
>> Alu Chair by Calligaris
>> Fol.d Folding Chair

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The Olivia & The Clarity Folding Chair

Special Cases

>> Olivia "Coat Hanger" Folding Chairs
>> Clarity Acrylic Folding Chairs - for those who want their chairs to also be invisible!

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Bon Chair & Isis Chair

Super Designy

>> Stitch Chair by Adam Goodrum
>> The Pick Chair from Studio Dror
>> The ISIS chair from designer Jake Phipps is the world's thinnest folding chair at just 3 cm thick.
>> Folding Clip Chair by Blasius Osko & Oliver Deichman
>> Dolly Folding Chair by Antonio Citterio with Oliver làw
>> Bon Folding Chair by Philippe Starck


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