Best Food and Cooking Posts

Best of 2009

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1 Conscientious Cook: What Should You Buy Organic? 2 Hot Tip: Do More With Your Coffee Grounds 3 7 Food Certifications, Explained 4 Living Without a Fridge: Could You Do It?
5 Debate: How Much Do Food Miles Matter? 6 Hot Tip: Can It All 7 Learning to Cook With Less Meat 8 7 Green Reasons to Use a Bread Machine 9 A Backyard Bread Oven: A Green Dream 10 Cooking With Okra, And Other Lessons Learned From a CSA 11 How to Keep the Fridge Clean 12 Choosing Green Non-Stick Cookware

(Pictured: Backyard bread oven, coffee grounds, living without a fridge, and canning. Images: The Clay Oven, Flickr member kwerfeldein, Sparrow King, Amber Byfield for Re-Nest.)