We recently featured our favorite bedding stores, and here are our picks for the best handmade bedding. No doubt about it, these linens are a luxury that comes with a high price tag, but if you are looking to indulge, here are our favorite options:

1. John Robshaw Textiles: hand-blocked linen and cotton textiles.
2. Les Indiennes: hand-blocked, organic cotton textiles from India.
3. Swans Island : naturally dyed, organic wool textiles, hand-woven in Maine.
4. Brahms Mount: natural fibers woven on antique shuttle looms in Maine.
5. Dia Living: handcrafted textiles and home furnishings using natural fabrics, materials and dyes.
6. Rough Linen: hand sewn linen bedding.
7. Craffts: handicrafts and handmade products from India.
8. Anna Sova: handwoven Ikat bedding.
9. Anichini: cashmere blankets hand-loomed in Nepal.
10. Kimem: hand dyed, handmade quilts from Kansas.

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