5 Best Home Automation Solutions for Cat Lovers

5 Best Home Automation Solutions for Cat Lovers

Mike Tyson
Aug 13, 2010

We're into home automation month here on Unplggd and we're hoping to share some keen ideas/products/designs that will help your home work for you (or in this case, your pets!) We've collected 5 awesome products that will either ease the workload of caring for your cat on a day-to-day basis or just make life a little sweeter for your best friend. Lets face it, we'd do anything for our pets if the time called for it but sometimes making life a bit simpler and easier here and there is what good design is all about. Dog lovers shouldn't feel left out either. Many of these products work for dogs or are available in dog sizes!

Ergo Systems Auto Pet Feeder ($109)
This auto feeder allows you to program the time and day that you'd like your pet's food to be released. Everything is easily washable (and we all know how important that feature can be to a household with pets). The best benefits of this feeder is the ability to portion out food for diabetic pets or those with eating disorders as well as allow the owners to take a weekend vacation without worrying about arranging a sitter.

Ergo Systems Auto Open Bowl ($35)
This bowl is a smaller iteration of the pet feeder above. We think this would be perfect for water since it will keep it fresh and free from any dirt or hair that might travel into the bowl (we have this problem a lot).

Ani Mate Electromagnetic Pet Door ($65)
This door is a must for anyone who has an indoor/outdoor pet. The door's magnetic sensor only opens when your pet approaches it while wearing the small magnetic key that attaches to their collar. This ensures that your pet can come and go as it pleases and other pesky animals won't try to do the same.

Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier ($148)
It only takes one scary experience while traveling with your pet to make you recognize the importance of keeping them at a healthy temperature. We were in the car on a short trip with our cat when the AC died. After a little while our cat started to pant and having never seen that before, we instantly became nervous. We tried feeding her water in a small cup but she seemed too hot to worry about drinking. Thankfully, we weren't far from home and Sadie arrived safely but we'd prefer not to cut it that close ever again. This pet carrier automatically warms or cools pets utilizing a patented regulation system which is surprisingly advanced considering the fair cost. This would be perfect for a long car trip or flying with your pets.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed ($48)
(Image on right courtesy C Moon via Amazon)
It's no secret that cats like a warm bed to snuggle up to during the colder months. This generously sized bed (16" in diameter) heats up to 10-15 degrees above the ambient room temperate — just enough to make your cat feel cozy and relaxed. Topping it off is a washable cover we all can appreciate. Lastly, buying products for your pet is all about their satisfaction so it's nice to see so many awesome user-submitted pictures and reviews of this bed telling us how much their cats loved it!

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