Best Kids Parties: A Body Birthday

Best Kids Parties: A Body Birthday

Carrie McBride
Jan 10, 2012

A fun party Slim Goodbody would be proud of. Melissa explains: Addie wants to be a "tummy doctor" when she grows up, so we came up with the idea to have a Body Birthday Party!

Her birthday is less than a week after Halloween, so it would be easy to go really spooky and gory, but we tried to stay on the more scientific side of bodies. We drew life-sized self portraits, did a little yoga, ate a healthy lunch, bashed an eyeball pinata full of prizes, and had an x-ray cake (inspired by one in Country Living). The party goers got to take home their self-portraits, along with some bone-shaped cookies and a little book full of facts about skeletons!

Thanks Melissa! Readers, visit her at Max & Ellie.

(Images: Melissa/Max & Ellie)

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