Best Kids' Parties: A Toddler Thomas the Train Party

Best Kids' Parties: A Toddler Thomas the Train Party

Carrie McBride
Jun 6, 2011

Lauren shares her terrific interactive train party for her son and his crewmates: My little boy Grayson has a deep love for Thomas the train and I wanted to make his 3rd birthday be the thing his train dreams are made we invited a few friends to hop aboard THE PARTY TRAIN!!

I made four trains out of diaper boxes and oatmeal cardboard tubes. I then drew their character's face for the front. We built a working railroad crossing for the trains and a track out of craft paper and streamers. The kiddos loved their train costumes and took turns playing choos choos on the track...that is until their 3-year-old boyness could be denied no longer and the party activity turned towards the ripping up and destruction of the train track. For games we played red light/ green light in our conductor hats and train boxes and we swung our hearts out on a train pinata.

For the foodI continued with the train theme and served a fruit train with peanut butter and jelly tracks. it was a mad dash for your favorite fruits and non crust pieces of track. :) The cake was a chocolate cake train that the kids decorated themselves with different types of candy. Our friends took home their train costumes, pinata spoils, and wonderful choo choo memories of a great morning spent together!

This was Grayson's party train dream come true! :)

Thanks Lauren!

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