Best Kids' Parties: A Warrior Dash Bash

Best Kids' Parties: A Warrior Dash Bash

Carrie McBride
Jun 7, 2011

Who knew warriors could be so cute? Ashley and her friend planned this outside-the-box party filled with things they knew their boys would love: running, jumping, dirt, mud, bugs... Ashley describes: Inspired by the Warrior Dash, my friend & I created an obstacle course for the boys. It was awesome. I was jealous.

We planned it for little coordinating decorations, no handmade bunting...just dirt, mud and competition. The party favors were plastic insects the boys had to dig out of a pool of mud. The obstacles included a tire run, refrigerator box tunnel, rope spider web, hay bale climb, 4x4 balance beam & a mud crawl. We marked the course with "CAUTION" and "DANGER" tape. After their final crawl through mud they crossed the finish line and received a medal!

Thanks Ashley! Readers, see more of this FUN party at Under the Sycamore.

(Images: Ashley Campbell/Under the Sycamore)

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