Best Kids Parties: Airplanes

Best Kids Parties: Airplanes

Carrie McBride
Aug 15, 2011

Come fly the friendly skies and enjoy Elisabeth's lovely airplane-themed party for her son: Little Brother loves airplanes, and we've always tried to encourage his affinity for them because his great-grandfather (who he never met) was a decorated pilot. When it came time to plan his second birthday party, we thought that airplanes were a natural fit, not to mention a perfect theme for a DIY backyard party.

There are so many possibilities with an airplane party - I was inspired by paper airplanes and graphic, red, white, and blue airmail stripes. So we made the invitations ourselves by hand-lettering paper airplanes (which my husband lovingly folded) and tucking them into airmail envelopes. We decorated the backyard with paper airplane garlands and covered the tables with canvas drop cloths that I painted with airmail stripes. Our guests (children and their parents) ate cookout food (hotdogs, various cold salads, and watermelon) and cupcakes topped with paper-punched red airplanes. And we rolled small balsa wood airplanes into the kids' napkins to construct with their parents and fly after dinner.

After lots of play time in the yard, we put up a screen and offered "in-flight entertainment," which was a sunset showing of The Red Balloon (the closest thing to a kids' flight movie that we could find!). The kids took home iced airplane cookies wrapped in cello bags and marked with personalized luggage tags that I made with plastic sleeves and scraps of paper and fabric.

We had a blast celebrating Little Brother (even if we were all a bit exhausted by the end). And the most special detail? The birthday boy's great-grandmother attended, reminding us all of how much great-grandaddy would have loved to celebrate with his family's littlest ).

Thanks Elisabeth! Readers, see more of this terrific party and get more inspiration for your own on Elisabeth's blog My Growing Home

(Images: Elisabeth Irwin)

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