Best Kids Parties: American Doll

My Party

Name: Norah (6)
Location: Ivoryton, CT

We had an American Girl Doll pretend pajama party at a fun and unique antique store called Gather in the beautiful town of Ivoryton, CT. The girls came in their pajamas and did crafts and participated in a scavenger hunt. Fun was had by all!

• I made party hats for the girls and their dolls with scrapbook paper and stickers
• Gerber daisies in milk bottles filled with breakfast cereal
• Tiny balloons for the dolls
• Plates and cups with "6" sugar cookies in regular and mini size
• A clothes line with doll clothes hanging on it

• Fruit salad with watermelon stars
• Pb&j in the shape of doll dresses
• Mac & cheese
• Cupcakes big for the girls, mini for the dolls

• Scavenger hunt
• Decorate frames
• Necklaces for girls and dolls

• Eye mask
• Pink gumballs
• Cupcake lipgloss
• Mini s'more kits for the dolls
• Teddy bears
• Matching hair bands for the girls and their dolls

Thanks Nina! Readers, see more of this party at Les Petits Presents.


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