Best Kids Parties: Apple Bobbing

My Party

Name: Jasmine (2) and Page (3)
Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

This was a Fall "Apple-Bobbing" Party. We did it "just because", to celebrate the new season! But it can be applied to birthday parties of course.

It was an activity-centered inspiration with:

  • Apple-bobbing
  • Caramel Apple Dipping (recipe included)
  • Balloon Scoop
  • Potato Sack racing
  • Pinata

This format made for a great party for this age group. They have short attention spans, and there was always something to do. The activities themselves, lent to the decor of the party. The guests were very impressed, and the effort was deceivingly minimal. A great combination!

Thanks, Jenny! Readers, visit Jenny at Habitat at Home.


(Image credits: Habitat at Home)

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