Best Kids Parties: Boxes & Balloons

My Party

Name: Corbin (1)
Location: San Diego, CA

Corbin's favorite things are boxes and balloons. We decided those made the perfect party theme to celebrate turning one!

For weeks my husband and I collected cardboard boxes from our friends and family and once Corbin was in bed each night, the glue gun and exacto knives came out! A cardboard town was created with accents of giant, round red balloons for Corbin's special day.

We used various red and white objects for decorations- streamers, ribbon, and even plastic practice golf balls strung into a garland. Kraft paper became table clothes to match the cardboard boxes and we used jute twine to string up photos of Corbin from newborn to age one.

The best part of the party was watching Corbin and his 'friends'- all babies around the age of one- climb in and through the cardboard town and play with the balloons. The party was for them after all!

Thanks Anna! Readers, see more of Corbin's party at Anna's blog, Christmas Tree Face.

(Images: Anna)


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