Best Kids Parties: Camping

Best Kids Parties: Camping

Carrie McBride
Oct 3, 2011

Camping, but with the comforts of home! Stephanie shares: Savvy decided early on that she wanted a camping party. We thought it would be a good outdoor party theme and set up a mini campground for the kids to play in.

We also went old school with the games (fishing for prizes and felt fish over a blue sheet, bobbing for apples, racing to eat donuts hung from a tree with no hands, a nature hunt to find plastic bugs and critters hidden throughout the yard and a pinata). Surprisingly the simplest game-- bobbing for apples-- was the biggest hit with the kids.

We had cupcakes with gummy worms and chocolate rocks and served ice cream in cones to cut down on the silverware/plates needed. Overall it was a fun theme to do and we were able to keep it pretty budget.

Thanks Stephanie! Readers, say hi on The Bailey-Gardner Family Blog.

(Images: Stephanie B.)

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