Best Kids Parties: Carnival

My Party

Name: Lottie, 5
Location: Australia

Step right up to Lottie's carnival party — a little bit vintage, a little bit floral, but a riot of colour and stripey good fun!

Pinwheels and papercrafts and bunting galore (all put together and made by mum and dad). Food like gumballs and ice cream cupcakes, cookie pinwheels and a surprise-inside elegant party cake.

We played hoopla, lucky duck, ball toss and musical cushions where the winner got to open the enormous box that was sitting tantilizingly right by the party the whole time. Loads of balloons floated up, up, up when the box was open - the kids loved it.

Thanks, Maxabella! There's also a blog post if readers want more....

(Images: Maxabella Loves)


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