Best Kids Parties: Daffodils

Best Kids Parties: Daffodils

Carrie McBride
Sep 6, 2011

Daffodils are such a sunny, happy flower it's no wonder Bethany has such positive associations with them. She tells us more: So before Audrey was even born, before we knew she was a she, I have been brainstorming a one year party for our March baby. And I knew that if she was a girl, then a daffodil party it would be. I too am a March girl, and over the years the connection between March and daffodils became a special one for me.

From stories that dear friends filled Mom's room with them when she was in the hospital, to Great Aunts that were sure to bring some from their yards each year, and a comment I'll always remember from my own Meme in one of the last birthday phone calls she made to me..I wanted to pass along this tradition to my spring girl. So we celebrated our little daffodil and were reminded that when the flowers bloom it is time for Audrey.

With the daffodil theme, really it just came together on its own. And everything seemed to have a sentimental connection for me as well, which made this first birthday celebration that much more special. My Dad made daffodils from reclaimed metal scraps for our yard and we used wallet sized pictures of Audrey, that were taken in a daffodil field he planted as party favors. The same daffodils were picked to fill mason jars for the tables. We added yellow and orange balloons. I handmade cupcake toppers, some flowers and some 'ones'. And we strung thirteen 8"x10" pictures on our porch, one from each month of her first year. It turned out to be a special party to celebrate Audrey and hopefully pass along a daffodil tradition for years to come!

Thanks Bethany! Readers, say hi to Bethany and Audrey on 522 House.

(Images: Aron Smith)

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