Best Kids Parties: Dirt!

My Party

Name: Markus (1)
Location: Mahomet, IL

So, I really liked the quote-ish saying "boy, n.: noise with dirt on it" and this is VERY Markus-- who eats handfuls of sand and hosta leaves and already says "tac-dur" (tractor). The theme then was dirt.

We had dirt cups, dirt cake, and mud milk (chocolate milk). There were also some appetizers. I got the 2'X3' banner of him as an engineering print from Staples for $2.99 and did the ModPodge text myself.

We invited my husband's family and my family. After eating and gifts, we had both grandpas plant a tree - one for Markus and one of his brother - in honor of the dirt theme, the birthday and Earth Day. Oh yeah, I put real garden soil on the tables as decoration and someone took a big bite of it thinking it was chocolate cookies:)

Thanks Heidi!

(Images: reader Heidi)


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