Best Kids Parties: Disney's Cars

My Party

Name: Mehdi (3)
Location: United States

My son's favorite films, Disney Cars 1 and 2 were the theme for the party. I wanted to add a personal, homemade touch with the decor and cakes. I also had a very limited budget, so DIY was the way to go!

The boys and girls had a great time enjoying Luigi's tires (chocolate doughnuts), Fillmore's fuel (soda), and Mama Topolino's own pizza "imported from Italy," wink wink. And of course, we dined on Tuh-Maters (tomato salad) and the Free Pistachio Ice Cream (It had NOT turned ;) I hope all the Disney Cars fans will get a kick out of all the car themed references!

Fun - thanks Umma! Readers, see more of Mehdi's Cars party at Love is in the Details.

(Images: Love is in the Details)


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