Best Kids Parties: Kittens
Carrie McBride
Oct 12, 2011

Drew's party was the cat's meow. Her mom Kelsey shares: Picking Drew's 1st birthday theme was an easy one. We have three kitties and Drew just loves her furry girlfriends.

I started with custom invitations done by Cali Mac. When I was planning, I wanted to make sure to stay away from anything literal cat-like.

We made two stations for the kids - Collars and Tails. I made collars out of ribbon, velcro, bells, and cat charms. I also pre-made charms of the initials of the kids who were coming. I made the sign out of wood, hooks and a little Ikea shelf. The kids were able to pick out the collar they liked. The cat tail station was a lot of fun for the kids. I simply got boas and cut them into various lengths. On the shelf, I had safety pins set out for the parents to attach the tails to outfits. I was so happy that even the boys took part in the kitty cat tails.

Over our kitchen island is where I created a yarn ball "chandelier". I incorporated all the colors from the pom garlands.

Thanks Kelsey! Readers, see more of Drew's Kitty party on Daisy Dreaming.

(Images: Kelsey/Daisy Dreaming)

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