Best Kids Parties: Kitty Cats

Best Kids Parties: Kitty Cats

Carrie McBride
Jan 12, 2012

For sure, this party is the cat's meow. Jennifer tells us about the fun details: My daughter Emily just LOVES cats so I decided to make that the theme for her second birthday. When searching for ideas online all I kept coming across was Hello Kitty. Although Hello Kitty is cute, I wanted to just have a non commercialized, old fashioned kitty party.

Once I decided on the theme, I kept my eyes open for any kitty finds. I found two ceramic cat planters at a local antique mart as well as the chalkboard kitty that was originally blue. I made kitty cat ears for all of my daughter's friends to wear. I made the bunting banner with help from a tutorial that I found online. It was a "no-sew" banner since I don't sew! With the leftover fabric from the banner, I had a neighbor sew fabric mice with ribbon tails and the kids went on a mouse hunt. We also played "pin the tail on the cat". I found an image online, and took it to a local print shop to have it enlarged. F

or party favors we handed out a copy of the Shy Little Kitten (a Golden Book) to everyone. So much easier then filling goodie bags with the same old stuff! For dessert I made cupcakes and kitty cat sugar cookies. We served them with milk in empty Starbucks glasses that I had been collecting. It all came together nicely and my daughter and her friends all had a wonderful time.

Thanks Jennifer!

(Images: reader Jennifer)

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