Best Kids Parties: Korean Dol

My Party

Name: Ellington, 1

Location: Charlotte, NC

Having never attended a Korean 1st birthday (Dol), I was shocked to find out how many people would be invited to this celebration. I would compare the guest list to that of a wedding instead of just a few close friends and family, as most Americans would celebrate. With the amount of people that were to attend, we had to be a little creative and stretch every dollar so we wouldn't bust our budget. 

My in-laws graciously bought Ellington's Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) and my mom made her Dol Towers by tediously gluing beans and candy to rolls of paper towels. 

The main event was a ceremony to determine Ellington's future - no pressure, right?! Various items were laid out infront of her and the item she chose would determine her career path. We had string (longevity), money (wealth), a microphone (entertainer), a pen (education), a soccer ball (athletics), and a stethoscope (medicine). She chose the microphone and now her Halmoni (grandmother in Korean) has stated that Ellington will be the Korean Oprah. She's only one, but I guess it's not a bad idea to aim high. 

We had such a fun time and I can't wait to see if her Dol fortune comes true. Could I be raising the next great entertainer?

Thanks, Quinn!

(Images: Kimchi & Sweet Tea)


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