Best Kids Parties: Le Petit Prince

Best Kids Parties: Le Petit Prince

Carrie McBride
Sep 28, 2011

A beloved book translated into a beautiful party. Elaine shares: Based on my lifelong obsession with the book Le Petit Prince and because our little prince Félix is half French, we embraced the celestial theme and turned our garden into Asteroid B-612!

The end result of days of crafting and cooking with my mother and a few dear and very clever friends, made my husband and I, my little guy and all our wonderful party guests dance with giggles of joy.

While first birthday parties tend to be concocted for the whims and fancies of grown-ups (myself included), we still wanted to make sure Félix and his playmates (ranging from 4 months to 10 years old) needs were met as well. To encourage multi age play, we placed a large picnic blanket on the lawn with swirly planet-like balls and other toys for all to enjoy. We also created a ball pit "crater" with a plastic kiddie pool, which was a huge hit among all age groups! A bubble machine spewed bubbles along garden pathways, a basket of sidewalk chalk tempted budding artists, and clusters of star shaped helium balloons added to the fun!

To create an otherworldly little prince party atmosphere on a realistic budget, we stuck with the simple color palette from the book (pastel blue, green, yellow, and white), and bedecked the garden with multitudinous amounts of handmade tissue poms, balloons, and hand glittered foil stars. To share and celebrate the first 12 months of Félix, we took 12 photos, from day one through the 11th month, and stuck them in the center of each glittery star hung out in order under our terrace to document the amazing progression. Large swaths of pastel linen and table cloths, (left over from previous sewing projects and borrowed from my mothers table linen collection), served triple duty as pops of party color, outdoor space dividers, and unsightly corner maskers. A garland of paper doves, (found in the wedding section of the dollar store), served as the little prince's great escape using a flock of migrating wild birds and directing our guests down the pathway to our backyard celebration.

Since it was a hot summers day, we opted for simple refreshing organic salads of the macaroni, couscous, spring Greens, and mixed berry variety, coupled with tiny herbed goat cheese balls, baguette bites and prosciutto mozzarella spirals , as well as a simple veggie, pita and hummus platter. For dessert (my favorite!) I made a tower of mini carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and larger vanilla and buttercream options in pastel green and blues. There was also a delicious lime rose pound cake shaped like a rose in bloom and protected under a glass dome just as the Little Prince cared for his beloved rose. Additionally there was a heaping plate of hand decorated sugar cookies stamped with birthday messages for our Prince Félix!

Since this was an adult and child friendly affaire, and the temperature was soaring, we made tons of homemade old fashioned lemonade from the lemons in our garden for kids and adults alike, as well as a chilled white peach sangria and a selection of summery beers for grown-ups only. There was also mini water bottles, sparkling water, organic apple juice boxes. for the masses.

Baskets of marbled sidewalk chalk and mini bubbles topped with pairs of doves (again a wedding dollar store purchase with a reference to the migrating wild birds) were take-home favors that could be broken out and played with during the course of the festivities. Little tags with quotes and illustrations from the book adorned each favor basket.

All in all it was a magical day for Félix and all involved! YAY!

Source List:
Message Cookie Cutter & Rose Cake Pan: William Sonoma
DIY Tissue Poms: myself via tutorials on
Foil Stars and Balloons: Craigs Wharehouse
Bubble Machine and Ball Pit Balls:

Lovely, thanks Elaine!

(Images: Lucille Ben-Avraham)

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