Best Kids Parties: LEGO Clone Trooper

Best Kids Parties: LEGO Clone Trooper

Carrie McBride
Jan 13, 2012

Name: LEGO lover (7)
Location: Marin County, CA

We recently celebrated my 7-year-old's birthday with his friends. He wanted the theme to be "Lego Clone Trooper"… or was it "Lego Clone Wars"? I can't remember. Anyway, I focused on Legos, Clone Troopers and cake.

I purchased a couple of items, like Star Wars cake plates, but turned away from the majority. There is something about the relentless branding of a theme that just gets to me. I prefer a homemade, crafty solution if possible. So I purchased a Star Wars Lego book for the kid (books are always good!), and snapped shots of a bunch of figures, then printed them out. I cut them out and got some cheap and easy decorations that were super cute! We have a large plotter so I printed-out 42" Lego characters for some big impact decorations.

I got the idea for watermelon etched like the Death Star from a guy I found online who does extreme pumpkin carving. I gave it a good shot for about an hour, then I called in my artistic mother to finish the job for me. She was naturally much, much better with the detail than I was. I'm forever grateful.

The little man requested a Clone Trooper on his cake. I saw so many incredible designs online (search Google images for "Clone Trooper cake") but know better than to think I have the patience for something that time consuming. I sourced it out to Susie Cakes and they did an incredible job. I backed up the vanilla cake with lemon cupcakes and topped them with Legos.

Some other high-lights were:
• Pin-the-helmet-on-the-clone-trooper.
• Daddy's Lego Spaceship clinic. (There were some awesome creations!)
• Clone Trooper Pinata. (I purchased a skull one, for Halloween, and recovered it in Clone Trooper details.)
• Cake, and of course, some of Luke Skywalkers blue Bantha milk!

Thanks Jeanice! Readers, see more of this party at Suburban Homestead.

(Images: Jeanice/Suburban Homestead)

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