Best Kids Parties: LEGO Star Wars

Best Kids Parties: LEGO Star Wars

Carrie McBride
Nov 1, 2011

Star Wars and LEGO. Need I say more? Holly tells us about her son's spectacular 7th birthday: I write about sewing and crafts as part of my job with The Associated Press, so I tend to go a bit overboard with my son's birthdays in terms of making decorations and goodies. (Two years ago: 10 handmade Lowly worm dolls.)...

This year, for his LEGO Star Wars party, I made the invitations by scanning one of his LEGO instruction manuals, and using Photoshop to change the logo to "PARKER Seven Years" instead of "LEGO Star Wars." I gave each guest a personalized drawstring bag, handmade LEGO Star Wars stickers (using images from a downloadable poster on the LEGO website), a small bag of mixed LEGO pieces (bought in bulk, used, on eBay), and a box of crayons, decorated with the same image from the invitation.

We told the kids their mission was to make spaceships using all their LEGO pieces -- an activity that kept them quiet and engaged for a surprisingly long time. Then they burned off some energy with handmade light sabers (flashlights, translucent drafting film, silver duct tape)and attacking a "droid army." (helium balloons anchored to the ground).

My husband is the AP's food editor, and the cake was, as always, spectacular: a clone trooper helmet.

Thanks Holly! Readers, visit Holly at Stitch/Craft to see more of Parker's awesome party and tons of other diy/crafting/sewing inspiration.

(Images: Holly - Stitch/Craft)

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