Best Kids Parties: LEGO Star Wars

My Party

Name: Aiden (6)
Location: Leesburg, VA

My son wanted a LEGO Star Wars theme for his birthday. I started by hand delivering invitations to all the guest that were made out of Duplo blocks. Each envelope had a personalized backpack tag.

For the party, I printed LEGO Star Wars bingo for the kids that they used LEGO bricks as markers. I also wrapped up LEGO pieces (about 6 or 7) in each package and we built a model by passing it around and having each child add their pieces. The goodie bags were little LEGO men with light sabers. Each had a mini LEGO kit in it and a minifigure.

For food, we had Princess Leia buns, Han-burgers and yoda soda. I also made 'light saber' push pops instead of cupcakes.

Thanks Maria! Readers, visit Maria at DIY Music Momma.

(Images: DIY Music Momma)


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