Best Kids Parties: Little Explorer

My Party

Name: Daxton, 1
Location: Orem, UT

My little boy turned one, and every mom knows that this is the age when they really love to explore the outside world. So we decided on an explorer theme.

We were feeding little kids so we decided to keep it simple, and choose food that corresponded with our theme: tree stump cake, target animals (animal crackers), gold fish, veggies, dirt don't hurt cupcakes, pond water, etc.

We also set up a photo booth with explorer decorations for the parents to take pictures of their little one(s).

We created this party by ourselves and had a lot of fun doing it on a little to no budget. 

Thanks, Shelby! You can see more photos on her blog, Brandon & Shelby.

(Images: Shelby Osmond)


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