Best Kids Parties: Muppets

Best Kids Parties: Muppets

Carrie McBride
Feb 10, 2012

Name: Nico (4)
Location: Gig Harbor, Washington

My son decided he wanted a Muppet birthday party this year. I was shocked, considering his super hero obsession of late, but also thrilled to death.

Since Kermit is Nico's favorite of the Muppets, he was our inspiration for a color scheme, green and yellow. I created a Kermit pull string pinata (which came out slightly larger than I intended) using an amazing tutorial from Alicia Policia. Some of our food ideas also came from her.

I searched and searched for other Muppet themed parties to try and find some ideas for activities, etc. but just couldn't find much out there. So we ended up doing a spin on a classic with "Pin the Nose on Gonzo." I also set up a table for the kids to make their own Kermits out of craft foam. Both were big hits with the 4-5 year old crowd. Nico definitely had a 4th birthday party to remember!

Thanks Amy!

(Images: Amy P.)

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